Friday Favorites for May 25, 2012

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Friday Favorites for May 25, 2012

featuring the Linda Ly from the blog

Last weekend I was surfing on a remote beach in Baja under gray skies, and wasn’t sure I would see the solar eclipse at all. But with less than 30 minutes until the eclipse peaked, my friends and I hopped into a truck and sped down a dirt road as far inland as we could to break away from the marine layer. In the first moments that the sun finally peeked out from the clouds and I saw the perfect crescent in the sky, I felt a beautiful energy charging me. Though my weekend was ending, it was a wonderful way to start the new week back at home. Read about it here.

-Linda Ly

Although this week was not my first trip to the pool this season, it was my first trip to the pool to swim laps. During the winter months I normally stick to bike rides, runs, and walks since I can do those around my neighborhood and do not have to drive across town to the pool. But when the temperatures start reaching the high 90’s every day, it is so refreshing to jump in the pool and get your heart rate up with a few laps around the pool.


As I was stuck in training classes all week, my Brady dog became very restless. Day after day I would come home to a flipped food bowl – his declaration to me that he was bored and unhappy being left alone all day. Because I’m a sucker and my dog has me well trained, I decided to let him go to daycare at Camp Bow Wow while I went to training one day. I love the staff at Camp Bow Wow. They instantly recognize my dog when we walk through the door and both the staff and my dog are excited to see each other…it literally feels like you’re dropping your kid off at school (that is, if the kid was OVERLY excited about school!) Brady gets to play ALL day and by the time I pick him up in the evening, he is in full on snuggle mode. Worth every penny!

– Kate

I am so very proud of my little sis. She is one hard-working lady. Several weeks ago she graduated from nursing school at Hesston College. Then, on this past Monday, Dani took her N-CLEX and PASSED! She will be an official RN as soon as the license comes in the mail. To top it off, she interviewed one time for a nursing position, and was hired before she took her test. She will be an absolutely amazing nurse, and her patients will be given the best treatment. She has learned how to manage an intense schedule, socialize, commit to her basketball team as a captain, and still graduate with a phenomenal GPA. I love that I am learning things from such an amazing person, and that she is loving on my little one. Jemma is so lucky to have such an amazing role model. Dani, we are all so proud of what you have accomplished and wish you the best in all you do!

– Joni

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